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720 Yorklyn Rd, Suite 150
Hockessin, DE 19707
(302) 234-2288
Fax: (302) 234-2869
4331 Concord Pike
Wilmington, DE 19803
(302) 764-2288
Fax: (302) 234-2869
Call us @ (302) 234-2288

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  • Voted Best Physical Therapy Practice in Delaware.
  • Voted Best Physical Therapy Practice in Delaware.
  • Voted Best Physical Therapy Practice in Delaware.

Performance Physical Therapy and Fitness provides physical therapy for the Hockessin, North Wilmington, and Newark, Delaware communities.


Check out this article by Stephen V. Rapposelli on
"How To Test Your Own Balance"

We adhere to an increasingly rare mission in today's health care environment. We devote personal attention to your care. Our patient is unique to us because we treat you as if you are part of our family. Not only will we make you feel better, but you will feel special as well. Over 150 local physicians recognize and value our service and have been referring patients and their own family members since 1992.

When you come to us, its all about YOU! Your goal is to "feel better." Everything we do helps you move in that direction. We do this as quickly and as safely as possible. You are taught to manage your condition once you are discharged. And we are always here for any continued follow-up you may need.

Performance PT's main center and fitness area is in Hockessin, Delaware and our other office is on Concord Pike in North Wilmington, Delaware. Call us @ 302.234.2288 and we can start to help YOU now!

Orthopedic physical therapy involves a complete evaluation by a licensed therapist for conditions involving muscles, tendons, joints, and bones. Following this evaluation, a treatment plan is developed; utilizing exercise, heat, cold, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and traction. Performance Physical Therapy is owned and operated by PTs. Rehabilitation of injuries to necks, low backs, shoulders, knees, and ankles have been our specialty in Hockessin and North Wilmington. Performance is one of the oldest continuously owned physical therapy centers in Delaware.

I injured my back so badly that I could not stand or sit or walk. I arrived at my first appointment at Performance Physical Therapy my trusty crutches. I proceeded to engage in a series of 18 PT sessions over the next 9 weeks. In most of those sessions I interacted with John Bradley.

John was able to quickly diagnose my concoction of back issues, which were later confirmed via an MRI. By my third visit, progress was clear (and a relief). It was slow, steady progress that took me from crutches and considerable pain toward my personal goals for recovery.

I achieved most of my aggressive goals within my time frame, and I'm on target to even get back on the golf course before long. I am thankful for John and for Performance Physical Therapy.

Doug R.

PPT always asks questions, listens, thinks and because of their high level of expertise and experience always, without fail, manages to bring me back to pain free full functionality. Thank you PPT for your commitment to excellence.

Margie S.

Sending a heartfelt shout-out and many thanks to everyone at Performance Physical Therapy + Fitness on Foulk Road in North Wilmington -- Steve Rapposelli and the ladies there (Angela, Courtney and Maria) have helped me tremendously over the past couple of months. I'm standing tall and walking well (all while getting my core muscles strong!) and I so appreciate the personal service, encouragement and kind words I received every time I went. I do "feel better" and highly recommend PPT for anyone in need of physical therapy services.

With best regards,

Maggie J.

I wanted to reach out to you and say thanks for your great work in getting my recent shoulder injury back to 100% function. My family is a "frequent flyer" of your PT program as both my sons have been to you for wrestling injuries; one for a hip flexor strain and the other after shoulder ligament surgery and I've twice come to you for shoulder issues. I'm not proud of our multiple visits but am glad that your program has enabled the three of us to regain complete functionality. Though your office is over a half hour drive, the attention that you and your staff direct to the exercises and treatment, the quality of your facility and the post care guidance that you give for ongoing supportive activities have make the travel time an actual investment. So once again, my family and I appreciate your services resolving our initial problems and equipping us to maintain full functionality. Thanks to you and your team!!

John B.

I have been treated at Performance Physical Therapy for more than a few sports injuries and physical ailments over the past 6 years. I can not say enough praise for the care I have received from the therapists and their staff. I have avoided knee surgery by following their instructions and Performance PT got me back on my feet and running my first half marathon. As a Registered Nurse I have had the opportunity to assess the quality of care given by many health professionals over the years. Performance PT is by far more superior than any other care I have witnessed both as a nurse and a patient. Care is always given in a very professional manner but also with a bit of humor to help ease the pain. Thank you!

Christine S., RN

Having been helped recover from several injuries, I have been a BIG fan of Performance Physical Therapy for a very long time. This past year I had knee surgery and naturally turned to PPT when I needed help and advice. There is a special feeling in this place tucked away in Hockessin, Delaware! From the smile that greets me when I come in the door, to the wonderful physical therapists and other staff, I feel cared for and cared about. I would happily recommend Performance Physical Therapy! It is the best kept secret in Delaware!

Felice H.

My shoulder was great last evening and even during the night and this morning. You worked your magic again... I'm really going to miss your gentle touch that somehow helps the pain. Thanks for all you do though - you are definitely in the right occupation!

Ruth M.

As a lifelong exercise fanatic I thought I my body could withstand anything - well... I was totally wrong. During the past year I have experienced severe neck, back (upper and lower), lower left leg pain and ear ringing" all at the same time! My doctor sent me for numerous tests, X-rays, MRI's etc. and all of the results came back negative. My doctor then suggested that I try physical therapy and recommended Performance Physical Therapy (PPT) - Hallelujah!

My physical therapist, John, who is also co-owner of PPT, correctly diagnosed my issues during our first meeting. All of them but the lower left leg pain (which turned out to be a shin splint and tendinitis) were due to severe muscle tension caused by high stress and ergonomics. John quickly developed a plan of action to get me back to normal including how I needed to set up my home office. Not only is John an outstanding physical therapist, but his listening skills and calming and reassuring demeanor are second-to-none. I am now back to normal and loving life again thanks to John and his excellent staff!!!!

What I have found that is very unique to PPT that is not present at other PT practices is their focus and commitment to my total well being. Not only was the physical therapy exceptional, but their concern and caring about how I was feeling, listening to me and reassuring me that I would get better was exactly what I needed.

If you are looking for exceptional physical therapy, caring and committed staff I highly recommend Performance Physical Therapy (PPT).


I cannot thank the good people of PPT&F enough for all that they did for me, under their care. Let's begin with Kim. At my first appointment, I was slightly apprehensive about what any physical therapist could do for me. It might have been the pain talking, but I didn't know how this "little girl" was going to make the unsettling pain in my upper arm and shoulder blade go away. What impressed me most about Kim during that visit was her ability to listen. She didn’t look at me like I was crazy (that came later), didn't try to refute anything I was saying (never did), and calmly explained what was probably causing the pain and what we could do about it (good enough for me).

Needless to say, I'm now a full-fledged believer in the "miracles" of physical therapy. If it wasn't for Kim's calm professionalism, I can't say that I would have continued through with the weeks that followed. It also helped that the horrible pain went away! And relatively quickly, I might add. And the fact that she listened to my moaning and groaning about the “stupid” exercises she gave me was much appreciated, as well.

Best of all, Kim encouraged me to keep at it. Before my first visit I thought, "Oh great, I'm gonna get a lecture from some physically fit person about all the things I don't do to keep myself healthy." Never happened.

Gentle encouragement given? Yes. Browbeaten, no.

The first time I was told that I would need to see a different therapist, due to my inability to match Kim's schedule, I was, to say the least - hesitant. How would this "new girl" know what was wrong with me? How would she know what hurt, where, and be able to help me like Kim had? Then I met Meghan for the first time. Note to Stephen and John - you might want to add "laughter therapy" to the list of services offered by PPT&F.

It goes without saying that Meghan is a competent therapist, for the same reasons I listed for Kim. But, there were several instances where I thought I would re-injure myself by falling off the table, laughing. My point is that I was thankful to have had the opportunity to have both of them for my treatment. And I will admit (as I did to them) that I benefited from different techniques/methods used by both. So, a big thank you to both.

I was impressed with the seamless communication between Kim and Meghan, regarding not only Kim's initial diagnosis, but my ongoing treatment. Never did I have to bring the other "up-to-speed" on my previous appointment. I'm certain that is an expectation of all the therapists, but I want to make the point of how comforting that was to me. This also includes several visits with John.

All of this to say how pleased I was with my care at PPT&F. I would name everyone that I came into contact with, but that would mean I'd unintentionally leave someone out. So, thanks to all. Oh - and one last thing. Did I tell everyone I know about my great experience with PPT&F? Sure did.

Bob T. Hockessin, DE 19707

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American Physical Therapy Association
Delaware Physical Therapy Association
National Safety Council
American Fitness Association

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