Stretching Is Great, But It Is Time To Get You Rolling

September 18, 2017

Stretching Is Great, But It Is Time To Get You Rolling Foam rollers are widely utilized tools that are becoming more popular in physical therapy clinics, fitness centers, and home gyms as an alternative to stretching. Although static stretching of muscles is still a common way to help with soft tissue injuries and to improve […]


It’s Not Always Easy Being Green-Stretching with The Green Strap

August 29, 2017

    By Heena Patel, PTA How to Stretch your Lower Extremity with a Green Strap  You may think of stretching as something performed only by runners or gymnasts. But we all need to stretch in order to protect our mobility and independence. A very common mistake a lot of us make is to focus on […]


Eat Your Way to Optimal Performance

August 23, 2017

  As the summer months are ending, it’s the time of the year to begin fall sports.  Anytime you are starting a new sport, it’s essential to have a good strength, endurance, and flexibility program to play at your highest level.  There’s one category that’s often overlooked and it’s very important.  That is the nutritional […]


Ask a Physical Therapist- Ice vs. Heat

August 16, 2017

Ice vs Heat: A Physical Therapist Weighs In – By Sean Treharne When you are in pain or have suffered from an injury it can be beneficial to either heat or cool down the affected body part. However, there is often confusion about when to ice and when to heat.  Let me give you a […]


Cleaning Up Safely After The Storm

July 25, 2017

As the accompanying pictures show, many of us will probably be involved in storm cleanup over the next week or so. The violent storms that have passed through the area early this week have caused many downed trees, power lines and flooding. In an attempt to cut up fallen trees, remove branches and rake up […]


Summertime Health Tips

June 30, 2017

Summer time is officially here which means that most individuals will be spending more time outside with their family and friends enjoying the sunshine. For those who intend to transition their exercise programs from indoor to outdoor, there are several factors to consider for safe exercise in warm/hot environments. You can use the following tips […]


Protect Your Shoulder Like a Pro

June 26, 2017

Many of you know that I am huge baseball fan. I have my truck radio programmed for the Major League Baseball satellite station, and I try to catch as many games as I can on television. I can thank my Dad for this passion. I also tend to follow the stories of player injuries, as […]


Celebrating Independence

June 21, 2017

Everything we do here at Performance PT is geared around helping people feel better and getting back to doing what they love. For some folks, this is competitive sports and fitness, and for others, it’s about maintaining independence with all those activities of daily living that can become a challenge when we get older or […]


Holiday Weekend Travel And Rest Stops!

May 24, 2017

There is a reason they call them “Rest Stops” The summer travel season is rapidly approaching, and many of us are making plans now to take a family vacation via car. This may just be to the beach, or perhaps a longer trek to visit family many states away. I’ve written in the past about […]


Three Easy Tips For Gardening without Injury

May 1, 2017

By John Bradley, DPT I write frequently about the physical challenges of gardening and performing yard work.  There is no doubt that gardening regularly is an excellent form of exercise, and if done in a sustained manner, meets the criteria of aerobic exercise which has cardiovascular benefits.  But, like other forms of working out, gardening is […]