The Fitness Center

High Touch PT Fitness Reevaluation Program

Introducing Performance Physical Therapy's "High Touch" Program for Fitness Members...

Many of you have expressed to us that you desire a more intensive approach to managing your workout routine. Perhaps you have just completed therapy for a new problem, are recovering from surgery/illness, or an orthopedic injury. Or, you just want a regular evaluation and program re-design from your physical therapist.

We are pleased to offer a special program just for you! For $150.00, you receive 3 consultations with your physical therapist whenever you choose to fully reevaluate your status, develop a new fitness training program, and instruct you in the new exercises during a one-on-one session. There is no expiration for use of the sessions. You may use one, two, or three in a year. Any unused sessions are carried forward until you use them.

Most of us have our cars serviced routinely for "tune-ups" and to correct problems associated with normal wear and tear. Think of our High Touch Program as your personal tune-up. Only your physical therapist knows you and your injuries/problems in such great detail. They can accurately assess any of your physical challenges and provide specific recommendations to move you to the next level. If you are unsure if this program is for you, ask your PT today.

Then, see the front desk to set up your first appointment. Like we have always told you, when you need us, we will be there for you.