Personal Training at Performance

What's a personal trainer and why do I need one?

A Personal Trainer is someone who has specialized education in exercise prescription. Some reasons our members schedule appointments with a trainer:

  1. They want to be held accountable. ('She's waiting for me at the fitness center, I'd better get there.')
  2. They want one-on-one attention ('I am so new to exercising, I'll never remember how to do anything!')
  3. They like frequent changes to program/don't like routine. ('I wonder what she's got in store for me today.')
  4. Patients that have a certain body area that has been injured, and want additional coaching/safety while getting back to independence.
  5. They like the social interaction and feedback while working towards goals.

People use personal trainers for different reasons. Some of our members choose to use a trainer because it helps them make an appointment to make sure fitness is part of their busy schedule. When working with a trainer, they will put you through a workout, customized to you, to help you reach your goals, or simply stay fit and active.

Many folks like the one-on-one attention they get with a trainer, forming a partnership for their long term health and wellness. A trainer is like having a personal coach, focused on helping you be the best you can be. Having trainers who know how to help push you to make the most out of your workouts without feeling like a drill sergeant at basic training is important to us.

How do you set Fitness Goals? Fitness goals vary per individuals. We have members who have specific goals in mind - getting in shape to run a 5K, or go on an adventure vaca5on with family, where others are trying to lose weight or keep in shape to avoid joint replacement surgery. Some folks are trying to make sure their new joints function as best as possible, and they stay active. Whatever your goal, our trainers will work with you to help you achieve realistic goals, in and out of the gym.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Cathy D., CPT

Cathy Dreyfus, CPT

  • ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
  • AIFE - Certified Older Adult Trainer

Cathy has always been interested in health and fitness, so she went back to school in 1999 to pursue her education in this field. Cathy came to PPT initially as an intern from Delaware Technical & Community College. She graduated in 2001 with a degree in Exercise Science, and has made her home at PPT ever since.

Cathy likes to focus on gentle motivation and encouragement towards fitness goals. In her own life, she has experienced the uncoordinated feeling of exercise and sports, but has persevered and found the importance and satisfaction of an effective workout. She has a special interest in strengthening and empowering those who, in the past, have found exercise and sports to be an unfamiliar and awkward environment. She will help you find your individual niche in the fitness center.

Dee Pathak

Diptee "Dee" Pathak PTA, CPT

Diptee is certified through American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM). She graduated from University of Delaware with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. Diptee is a Physical Therapist Assistant who also enjoys her time working in an orthopedic outpatient clinic. Her passion for health fitness developed in her college years when she lost 20lbs on her own and completely changed her life. She realized how important a healthy lifestyle really was and her goal was to inspire friends, family and others interested in improving their health and overall wellness.

With over 4 years of experience as a Personal Trainer and now a clinician, Diptee understands the importance of injury prevention. She makes sure her exercise plans are safe and effective for all types of clients with different fitness abilities and desires. In her programs, she also incorporates specific exercises for functional limitations. Diptee has worked with several clients who have participated with skilled Physical Therapy or Chiropractic services. Her goal is to promote optimal function long-term to clients who have reached their therapeutic goals with utilizing Personal Training services.

Diptee has successfully helped many clients reach their goals such as losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Past clients have expressed how they saw increased strength, decreased body fat, increased flexibility, and improved mood and energy. Her program incorporates core, strength, cardio, flexibility, and balance training. She also gives great tips on how to overcome the roadblocks that come between a busy lifestyle and healthy living. Diptee helps clients achieve their goals by motivating them to work hard, educating them about nutrition, and demonstrating safe and effective exercise forms throughout sessions. Diptee's bubbly fun personality makes working out fun and she loves teaching clients how to be an overall happier and healthier individual!

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