Shoulder Bursitis Ends Maria Sharapova US Open Bid

By Stephen Rapposelli, PT, OCS

Maria Sharapova recently dropped out of the US Open due to shoulder bursitis. She did have surgery to the same shoulder for a torn rotator cuff in 2008. Can the non- professional tennis player learn anything from this recent news?

Maria SharapovaAccording to Dr. Damian Andrisani, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Specializing in knees, shoulders and sports medicine at Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists, no one should be surprised that she is having shoulder problems.”She is simply a professional overhead athlete who has been successful relying on her power,” says Dr. Andrisani.”It is this activity when performed repetitively without necessary rest and conditioning that has been proven time and again to lead to injuries of the shoulder. In her case, rotator cuff repair surgery was necessary in 2008. The recovery from that surgery for a young elite overhead athlete is unpredictable. She, to her credit, put in the work, persevered and returned to be among the best female tennis players in the world.” He goes on to say that “The rehab, however, is never ending after that surgery for an athlete to perform at their very best. And set backs such as bursitis are the norm.”

So, even after surgery, you should be committed to on going, regular, stretching and strengthening of your shoulder.  See below to see what exercises Maria (and you) should be doing for her shoulder bursitis. She will be back. But she is mortal and set backs and rehab and rest will only become more the norm as she ages. The same goes for you!

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Shoulder Blade Squeezes For Rotator Cuff:

Standing Shoulder Scaption For Rotator Cuff

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