Here are some videos to explain some of our exercise techniques and other important information to help you get healthy and prevent injuries. Please check with your doctor or PT first before you enter into or start any exercise program.

Exercises for Upcoming Knee Replacement Surgery
Toe Yoga
Two exercises for your New Year’s Resolution
Snow Shoveling Tips
Shoulder Stretches for Breast Cancer
Internal and External Rotation Exercise

In this exercise you will be kneeling on a chair, a regular chair, nothing special about it.

If you are having Rotator cuff/Bursitis problems. Internal and external rotation of your shoulder. Lie flat, using a small weight. Keep elbow straight and out to the side, let the dumbbell drop downward as far as you can. Then do the same all the way up. When going downward, keep your shoulder blade and shoulder on the bed.

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Golf Stretching Videos
Standing Scapation Exercise

If you are having Rotator cuff/Bursitis problems. This is an example of the Standing Scaption Exercise. Using a light weight, lift your arm no higher than your shoulder height. You will lift your arm about 45° from your body. This video provides a great example.

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Welcome to Balance Exercises

From the position you are going to bring your arms out to the side 90 degree, and you are going to rotate your head and your trunk and your upper limb, in one direction. You’re going to hold that for 30 seconds; and you’re going to repeat this 2 times, per direction, maintaining each position for those 30 seconds.

This exercise can be made more challenging, by adding first, closing your eyes and then by extending your head upwards.

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Step Downs For Knee Strength Exercise

A simple, yet effective exercise to strengthen the quadriceps, helping to ease knee pain in many people.

Step Down Exercise

Stand with involved leg on step. Slowly lower opposite leg to floor touch heel to ground with no weight on heel. The involved leg should be doing all the work. Return to start.

Seated Marching on Ball

Seated on the ball with core muscles engaged, slowly lift one foot off the ground and then lower back down to floor. Repeat this on the other side, alternating each time. The key to this exercise is to make sure you are sitting up straight and keeping your abdominal muscles tight.

Wrist Muscle Stretch

Keeping elbow straight, grasp involved hand and slowly bend wrist down until a stretch is felt. Hold for 20 -30 seconds. Relax. Repeat 2-3 times.

Tennis Elbow Test

Standing with your arm straight in front of you and fingers pointing forward, lift up your third finger as you are pressing down on it at the same time with your uninvolved hand. If you have pain in your elbow as you are trying to resist the pressing down of your third finger then this may indicate that you in fact have tennis elbow.

Stick ‘Em Up For Posture

Great, simple exercise to correct poor posture with only equipment being a wall.

Standing against wall, raise arms up in front of you and then back towards the wall as far as you can. Then slowly slide arms down the wall, bending your elbows as you come down until your arms are down by your side. Make sure you are standing up nice and tall and keeping your back against the wall.

Look Ma, No Hands

She’s 91-3/4, and can balance on a rocker-board with no hands. Video taken at fitness center at Performance Physical Therapy, in Hockessin, DE.

How to Stretch Your Calf for Plantar Fascitis
Easy Rotator Cuff Strengthening

All you need is a wall and a stretch band!

We call this exercise the No Money. Hold band with palms up and elbows at sides. Squeeze shoulder blades together as you pull hands apart to the sides. Slowly return to starting position.

Simple Posture Exercise

Do these with a looped stretch band against a wall. In spite of his facial expression, my patient enjoyed this one!

Standing against the wall with the looped stretch band around your wrists, put a small amount of tension on the band by spreading your arms apart just a little bit. Slowly raise your arms up over head with the tension still on the band and then lower back down to the starting position.